All you need to know about ketosis

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Ketosis is a state where the body starts consuming the accumulated body fat that is supposed to be used in times of starvation. At this state, it becomes easy to lose weight because the body is using the accumulated fat in the body. The only way to achieve ketosis is by adopting a ketogenic diet that cheats the body to go to a state of starvation. Ketosis is the most misunderstood method of weight loss, and there are a lot of myths surrounding this diet. However, it is important to understand how ketosis works for weight loss.

How ketosis works for weight loss

Going into ketosis

There is always the need to kick your body into ketosis asbody fat soon as possible. The truth is that going into ketosis does not happen overnight. It will take at least three weeks for some people before the body finally goes into full ketosis. Go to and learn about the process of getting into ketosis. You will feel the difference because your cravings and fatigue will start disappearing.

The body starts converting fat to glucose

During ketosis, the body starts converting the fat stored in the body into glucose and energy. Converting the stored fat into glucose is the best way to lose weight. With time, you will be using all the fat that is stored in the body, and this is a good way to get rid of unwanted body fat. When the body is using fat stored to give you energy, you will be losing weight and still feel energized.

No hunger or low energy

When the body kicks into ketosis, you don’t have to worry about hunger and low energy levels. Hunger usually comes when the body is low on energy, and you need a boost, but this is not the case with ketosis. During the state of ketosis, the body is not depilated of energy, and it is still possible to go on with daily activities because you have a fat reserve. The body is tapping into the fat reserve, and this means that you can continue with your activities without hunger and low energy.

keto diet foods

Bad breathe normally

Once your body enters to the state of ketosis, you might notice bad breath coming out of your mouth. This might be scary, and you might think that something bad is happening to you. The truth is that bad breath associated with your body being in the state of ketosis is not something to worry about.