Healing and recovery tips after birth

Giving birth is can bring a lot of discomfort to the mother. Moms are subjected to pain during and after labour. The good thing is that these aches do not last for long. In fact, most of the postpartum issues are resolved within the first two or three months. The period is one of the most joyous times, but it is a period of healing and adjustment for mothers. Some of the healthy tips that speed healing and recovery after birth include eating plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and fiber-rich fruits.

Walking and drinking water can also help you. Moms who have undergone a C-section should limit themselves from strenuous activities. These tips are meant to ensure that the mamae sarada by eliminating the discomfort associated with delivery. Adjusting to life after delivery can be very changing. The mother has to take care of the baby and herself. As a mother, you will experience sleepless nights because you have to feed the baby often. This can be very tiresome and frustrating. Following the tips discussed below would help you in recovering from birth.


This might sound obvious but is one of the easiest tips that are not followed by many people. Taking care of a new person can be very daunting especially for the first moms. You should have ample time for resting because your body needs time to heal and recover. You can do this my sleeping when the baby sleeps and by getting extra support.



Ask for help

You will always have visitors who want to meet the new baby. You should take advantage is such people and ask for help. Avoid being shy when you have such visitors. For instance, you can rest for some time as they stroll with your baby. Don’t worry about being bossy. Be proud of being a mom.


You can know the best time to exercise by consulting a doctor. However, you should avoid engaging in strenuous activities. Walking around the house is enough. Apart from being refreshing, this will boost your energy level.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy foods will ensure that you have the required fiber and proteins that promote healing. This will make you feel better within a short period. Some of the foods rich in proteins include hard-boiled eggs and legumes. Protein-packed snacks are also good. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended.

Using a sitz bath

Sometimes mothers might experience tearing when giving birth. The stitches used should be kept clean. Your vulva is likely to become tender and swollen if you don’t receive any sutures. A sitz bath is helpful in keeping the undercarriage clean.