One stop mobility, for all your medical and enjoyment needs


OSM, the best source for your medical answers throughout the nation is dedicated to providing a wide range of movement option for both medical and entertainment. For instance, we provide wheelchairs, stroller rentals and scooters for a several popular theme park events such as Disney World, Disneyland, Epcot, Seaworld and Universal Studios, to name just a few. Our teams of drivers are working all day long to offer you the finest pickup and delivery amounts you can get as regards your location.


However, we are not just restricted to leasing wheelchairs and scooters though. On the other hand, most of our clients often require service maintenances on their parts that break up moving forward. As a permitted mobility trader, we repair a wide range of merchandise that breaks up through time and must be serviced. We have statement partnerships with some of the major names in the business, for instance, Invacare, Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, and many more. We have offered mobility tech services for more than ten years and are front-runners in this field.


Our Mission


One Stop Mobility’s main objective is to assist those with problems in mobility to live a normal and dynamic lifestyle. We started offering medical options for our clients at the outset of 2005, and have not relented ever since.


Initiated in Phoenix, Arizona, One Stop’s Mobility chief executive, Ryan Marshall, has successfully been implementing a wide-ranging diversity of medical gear stores throughout the country to provide sustaining options for the mobility niche. We are proud of ourselves for keeping in touch with the state-of-the-art and most recognized inventive mobility options required. We provide services that comprise wheelchair and scooter hires in Disneyland, power-chair letting in Disney World, automobile lift gears in Phoenix in addition to sales, repairs, trade-ins, and much more all-inclusive.


Events We’re Involved In


There are many distinct events for grown-ups more than 18 years at Disney World, ranging from immoderate things such as Tower of Terror diners to simple activities like trips to the spa. Other choices that are pretty popular comprise fireworks and tour cruises.


In case you need an option for a fireworks tour you can opt for a boat trip that is free of charge precisely when the fireworks begin. If you manage to pay for the extras, there are enough special activities to adore. Most of them were initially offered as constituents of Disney’s Fairytale Wedding giveaways. Nonetheless, they are moreover accessible at the moment to non-wedding guests. Take into account though; the charges of these events may accumulate quickly owing to the exorbitant touch they offer.


Amongst the less expensive choices are comprised of secluded photo gatherings, drives with carriages and Disney tours. Several of the trips include diving in Epcot, swimming with dolphins and Segway tours. You can access some particular activities if you are probing for a distinct way to improve your trip. Whatever it is you and your family decides on doing, be sure that we will be there to guarantee optimum satisfaction! So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us, and we’ll be at your service at any time.